What is the Biography Timeliner?

This 24/7 on-line tool helps you organize and record all your life experiences – loves, losses, triumphs, tragedies – using a simple, step-by-step process.

Write anywhere – on your home computer, tablet, or phone. Write anytime – for five minutes or a few hours. Writing your own unique story has never been this convenient, affordable, and easy. No longer are life stories only for the ‘Rich and Famous’.

Join the Memoir Movement with the Biography Timeliner and have the ‘times’ of your life.

Why should I write my story?

But I can’t write!

Write how you talk! There are no rules.

Just like your life, you see things how you see them as you tap into your memories, as you ignite your imagination, using your own unique style of writing as you express all that is within. There is no other you, therefore no one else in the world writes like you!

So, relax - rules and barriers don’t exist here. The Biography Timeliner opens the door to your inner voice, the ‘real’ you, and magically, before you know it, the most important story you'll ever read will start to unfold!

What does the Biography Timeliner
ultimately give me?

The Biography Timeliner creates a reader-friendly, printable, illustrated script of your life story through the My Bio page. Share your personal My Bio page by posting it on your favourite social media, or printing it out.

Although the Biography Timeliner does not ‘publish’ your story, it does provide coaching on how to proofread and publish.

Whether you share your story online, print it, or even publish it ─ it is totally up to you.

Can I use the Biography Timeliner to write for someone else?

Yes you can! The Biography Timeliner coaches you on how to ghostwrite and it’s compelling questions and prompts enable you to write for yourself, or others.

Is there someone you know who’s not able write their story; a parent, a friend, a lonely soul?

That fact that you are thinking of someone right now shows that their life has a profound meaning and you want them to live on in time. Capture their story now, before it's lost forever.

Count me in!
Where do I start?

Click here to give the Biography Timeliner a free, limited test drive. See for yourself how easy it is to bring your incredible, one-of-a-kind story to life.

What does the
Biography Timeliner cost?

Hiring a writing coach could cost you thousands, but for just $39.99, you can have all the tools you'll need to start writing your autobiography — a priceless gift to the world!

What People Are Saying About the Biography Timeliner

“The Biography Timeliner is addictive! I love it! Once I started following the questions and prompts I couldn’t believe what I remembered about my life — not so boring after all”

“It was so therapeutic for me and my Dad. His windows of memory are starting to close and the time we spent together doing this was a gift in itself”

“I liked the way the My Bio page placed all the entries in order under the appropriate question. This allowed me to answer the questions quickly and then later add interesting details.”

“I look forward to continuing to write my story for my children.”

“There are some things I did not want to tell – but that’s Ok . . . it’s my story. And it helped me remember a lot of wonderful things, and that felt really good”

“The timeline events feature allowed me to add a little humour about what was happening in the world around me.”


Writing Center

The Writing Center is the heart of the Biography Timeliner. Here is where the fun happens. You can navigate through all the questions and your answers, upload images, make notes with the Scratchpad, respond to events in the Timeline.

You can also view helpful articles and prompts that will ignite your creativity and enhance the writing process.

Anyone can write with the Biography Timeliner.

My Bio

My Bio is a summary of all your work – in other words, your biography. Here you will see, in chronological order, the questions and answers you have worked on, the images you have uploaded, and any Scratchpad notes, including responses to the Timeline, that you have created.

Beautifully laid out and ready for printing, you can also share a link, or create a text version. It is your choice. People love periodically clicking on the My Bio page to see their story come together before their eyes; in sequence, in honesty, and in pride.


This feature allows you to respond to significant events over the last century. Where were you on 20 July 1969 when man landed on the moon? When the Jets beat the Colts? When gas was 34c/gal. When pant suits hit the shelves? On the fatal morning of 9/11?

We’ve all lived through a profound era: quantum physics, wall building and demolition, the Beatles, computers, world wars, tie-dye, shoulder pads, space travel, civil rights, antibiotics, the world wide web . . .

Any Timeline event that you respond to will appear chronologically in your story on the My Bio page.

In-depth Coaching

The Biography Timeliner, designed by a professional writing coach, is your guide, taking you by the hand as it leads you through the entire story writing process, tugging you along when you get stuck.

With thought-provoking questions, prompts, memory triggers, writing tips, word lists, creative activities and how-to articles to guide you, the Biography Timeliner is your personal coach in your journey to sharing your own unique story.

The Biography Timeliner supports you every sentence along the way.

Why I Created the Biography Timeliner?

Lesley Marcovich,
Creator of the Biography Timeliner

Adrift at Sea

My family moved house every four months on average. I have no idea why. Mom was terrified of the sea. I have no idea why. And I have no idea why she ended her life by calmly walking into the sea one morning at sunrise. That day, my family’s legacy was washed away forever.

I never had the chance to learn about my family’s lives – their history, adventures, triumphs, talents, loves and losses. And so I began writing; to discover my roots, to recover from pain, and to connect to the love of my lineage. And mostly, to leave a priceless legacy for my children. After ghostwriting life stories, one client at a time, for many years, I created the Biography Timeliner to help everyone, everywhere to write theirs too.

Life stories are the invisible strands that hold our DNA together. Without our stories, we drift. With them, we anchor; connected forever to ourselves and to each other.

Give it a go!

See for yourself how easy it is to write your own biography!