A Love Letter for Father's Day

Your words are the most cherished gift you can give to your father on this Father’s Day; words in the form of a poem or a letter, both of which we will talk about here.

Let’s begin with the letter …


Your Connection
Begin by jotting down, chronologically, and in point form, the various stages of your life that highlight the times when your father was a supporter, a challenger, an influencer.  Expand these points as you illustrate the connection between you and your father during these times.



Talk about the connection between you and your father through the use of something real, inanimate, or an emotion simply felt. Find something that resonates with you about your father, or about your connection to him.  You could also include a gift of the item you write about. (see list below)

If you know your father’s favourite colour, then describe how it’s meaning reflects who he is. (see list below)

If you know your father’s lucky or favourite number, again, describe how it’s meaning reflects who he is.  (see list below)

If you know your father’s favourite music/song, express how you feel when you hear it.


Your Family Tree
How does your father fit into your Family Tree? It is always wonderful to feel part of something larger than yourself, and you can emphasize this about your father by the way he fits into your heritage. Describe any of his heroic acts, his talents, any adversity he may have overcome, and let him know that he has an honourable place on your family tree.


Write a Pledge
This is a great way to 1) praise your father 2) illustrate the connection between you and your father and 3) thank your father for the gifts he has given you.  Think of 3 good traits your father possesses. For example, ‘courage’, ‘humour’, and ‘love’.  Then write the following poem, filling in the gaps, to show how your father lives in you now, and forevermore.

Your courage flows through me as I ……….. (face and overcome a challenge)

Your humour flows through me as I ………………….. (overcome and/or cheer up others)

Your love flows through me as I ………………………….. (show love to others)

Courage, humour, and love; your work, dear father, will always continue through me.


In Closing
An anagram poem is a good way to end your letter. For example, you can use your father’s first name, or the name you use to address him e.g. dad, daddy, papa, etc.  

S - self-assured, shatterproof
E - enduring, effervescent
T - talented, trusting
H - helpful, humorous, heart filled with love.


This Father’s Day express the spirit of a child/father love with your personal, priceless words.


The Symbolic Meaning of Objects

  1. candle - describe its strength and radiance and how it surrenders itself as it lights your way.
  2. photograph - look beyond the face or setting into a wonderful time that you and your father share/shared
  3. flower - describe its smile, its beauty, its radiance; how it reflects your father
  4. personal keepsake - tell the story about this keepsake
  5. certificate/trophy - describe how this reward is symbolic of all the things your father has achieved and continues to achieve
  6. ornament - bring this ornament to life in your mind, as it connects you to your father
  7. music/song - describe the words or composition and how it resonates with your love for your father.


The Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

  1. strong, inventor, self-reliant, pioneer
  2. supporter, mediator
  3. understanding, funny, friendly
  4. practical, orderly, logical, builder, strong foundation
  5. harmony, traveler, imaginative, playful
  6. intuitive, nurturing, loving, healer
  7. deep-thinker, spiritual, faithful
  8. achiever, entrepreneur, provider
  9. magical, compassionate, romantic
  10. full circle, completion of a cycle
  11. spiritual messenger, rebel
  12. cosmic order, self-sacrifice, meditator


The Symbolic Meaning of Colours

  1. black - the absorption of all colour. A powerful colour that protects emotions and feelings.
  2. orange - the colour of communication. An optimistic colour that helps us look at the sunny side of life.
  3. green - balances the heart and the emotions. A relaxing colour that signifies growth, renewal and rebirth. It restores depleted energy and brings one back to health.
  4. blue – represents trust and loyalty. A sincere colour of quietness and reliability promoting physical and mental health.
  5. yellow - relates to knowledge. A stimulating colour heightening our perception and illuminating new ideas, cheerfulness, and fun.
  6. purple - embodies spirituality. A psychic enhancing colour, an emotional calming hue that both enlightens and grounds us.
  7. white - purifies our thoughts and emotions. A cleansing colour that refreshes our energy system offering order, efficiency and comfort to a cluttered life.