Announce your Birth with Pride

If you were to write any part of your life story, that part should be ‘the story of your birth’. Why? Because you had about 1 in 400,000,000,000 chances of existing, and you won! You are here, and you belong.

I encourage you to announce your birth to the vibration of angels’ wings, to the sparkle of the eastern star, to the sound of trumpets … you get my meaning.

You may not know much about your birth, but you can use your imagination and set an awesome backdrop that illustrates what the world was like at the time; the medical procedures, family dynamics, religious traditions, and so on. Describe everything – the home, the hospital, the car, the alley, or the wagon – as you tap into all the senses; sights, sounds, smells, feelings. You could also add some colourful layers to your story, like your astrological sign, the Chinese calendar, or numerology. What was written in the stars for you?  

Don’t sneak your birth story into your autobiography, instead announce your birth with great pride. After all, you disturbed everything at that precise moment, on a planet that would never, ever, be the same again.


Hark! Go to and start writing the story of your birth; a story that everyone you know, is longing to hear.