Boost Your Emotional System by Writing

As children we are taught what to say and what to feel by parents, teachers, the parish, and when we grow up spouses, censor boards, friends, governments, bosses and the media flood our brain with propaganda. “What should I think?” and “What do I think?” become a moral and ethical calamity.

When Jackie Kennedy stood stoic at her husband’s funeral the world said, “Wow, what a strong woman she is.” Does this mean that African and Middle Eastern women and men who shriek and wail at funerals are weak? This emotion is primal, universal: Life. Death. Sorrow. What do you think?

Do not stereotype yourself as you write. It takes more strength to say, “I will not do what’s expected, I will do what I need to do”, than it does to conform. Your writing will unearth this strength, which, if used well, will empower you, keeping your emotional system free of conflict and in good health.

“An untold story falls under the category, ‘Tragedy’ ~ L. Marcovich