Empty Spaces Left Behind After a Pet Dies

Pet loss is normally a devastating loss. We feel lonely. Sad. Dazed. We gaze around at all the empty spaces that are no longer filled with their large presence.

In order to fill the void of helplessness try to express yourself through writing.


An Acrostic Poem Vertically align the first letters of your pet’s name and then fill in anything you can think of about him/her. For example:


Made a bed out of anything
Attacked sunbeams in the late afternoon
Caused us all to fall in love.

We miss you, Mac.


Empty Spaces

When a pet leaves us, for whatever reason, empty spaces become noticeable. Those spaces where your pet slept, ate, ran, played, walked, cuddled. Explore those empty spaces in your writing. Describe how you feel about them. Bring in all your senses.  For example:         

I can’t throw out his food bowl, not yet;
I’ll lose the image of him sitting there waiting for me to fill it.


Fill in the Gaps

Here’s an easy template. Simply fill in the gaps.

_______ (pet’s name), you took a piece of my heart with you
leaving _______________ (something that makes you happy) instead,
And from a thousand smiles you gave me my heart shall slowly mend.


Rainbow Bridge

There is a beautiful, sunny place existing between Heaven and Earth where all pets go to wait patiently for the day they’ll be reunited with their owners.

The Rainbow Bridge is where:

  • all animals are restored to full health and vitality
  • they run and play with other animals
  • the sun shines every day
  • they are eventually reunited with their owner.


From your Pet to You

Try a different perspective here. Write from your pet’s point of view. Perhaps he or she sends this message to you from The Rainbow Bridge.

To ___________ (you, owner)
When we meet again one day in the distant future
you will once again hear my ___________, see my ____________, and feel my _____________,
In the meantime live long, live well, live happy,
knowing that we had, and always will have, something special.



“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us” - Helen Keller