How to Write About your Totem and Spirit Animals

Do you believe that you, or your family lineage, have an Animal Totem, a constant guide which comes in and out of your life to help you with the tasks that need to be completed on your journey, which aids self-discovery, and which also teaches you valuable lessons along the way? Many believe that an Animal Totem is ‘who you are’ and that it is with you for an entire lifetime.

It is also worth noting that sports teams began adopting animal guides, or mascots, during the early 1900s to represent a region and to bless it with good luck, for example, Tigers, Eagles, Broncos, etc. Each animal carries its own personality strengths, like agility and courage, which players can take into a game. 

Animal Totems and Spirit Animals can weave some wonderful elements into your story, using symbolism as a way to allow you to describe emotions that will resonate with readers. If you discover your guide and adopt it as a mascot, you will create a symbolic reminder of your virtues and lessons to be mindful of throughout your journey. A squirrel is resourceful and has the power to rest, and a goose is tender and assists others through illness.

Think about the following as you unravel your story:

What are your qualities? If you don’t know what your Totem Animal is, then ask yourself:

  • Am I drawn to one animal in particular?
  • Do I see any qualities of myself in a particular animal?
  • Does an animal constantly appear in my life? In reality? In greeting cards? In paintings? In my dreams?
  • Has an animal ever bitten me, perhaps to get my attention?

Remember, your Animal Totem represents 'you'.

Then there are also Spirit Animals, who sometimes appear to us when we need inspiration, support or guidance. Ants could be telling you to persevere and endure, and hummingbirds may be telling you to be more flexible, or joyful.  

Introducing real-life or figurative animals may go a long way to shaping your story and revealing much about your character.