It's Time for Your Winter Retreat

As the December hullabaloo fades into memory, Mother Winter tightens her grip. Animals scatter, trees bow, cars cough, children hide in snowsuits. Icy winds stir. Snow falls... and falls. The world looks like the Christmas card you just packed away.

It’s time for knitted socks, lotions, stews, root vegetables, melted cheese and chocolate; a time to rest, look inward, and restore. Before electricity this is what our ancestors did during the cold season - retreating to caves where they slept long hours and rejuvenated.

This is a wondrous time for art. This is a time to pack a pencil or brush, and embark on a journey to the depths of your mind. Once there, transported by words, music, or paint, you can travel vast glaciers enjoying panoramic views and introspection, you can climb majestic mountains achieving new heights of enlightenment, you can huddle around crackling fires thawing out icy beliefs and judgments, you can meet animal totems connecting with your intuition, and you can star-gaze as you consider future possibilities.

Welcome to this shaded time, this mysterious time, this time to hear the silence, to see the invisible, to feel the nothingness. Welcome to your cave, to your well-earned winter retreat. Settle in; deep within. And create.