As the days shorten and school buses line the streets, it is time to plan our new indoor projects as we slowly settle into the creative time of Fall.

As the trees drop their leaves in order to conserve water and energy so that they can focus on root growth, this is our time to declutter our lives as we make room for ideas and tools for new projects that ground us in our life’s purpose and meaning. 

As the trees stretch their limbs skyward in order to draw in as much light as possible, this is our time to expand our psyches to enjoy panoramic views and introspection as we achieve new heights of enlightenment.

As the trees devote their energy to storing reserves and producing buds, this is our time to prioritize and research as we allow new ideas to burst forth.  

Welcome to this grounding Yin time, this productive time, this time to hear the leaves crunch underfoot, to behold the bare bark, and to feel the inward energy as we withdraw deep into ourselves, into our private academia, where we can create an environment of free-flowing ideas as we begin our journey of decluttering, expanding, and tapping into our true, natural, innovative power.

Settle in; deep within. And create.