What’s your stand on things as they stand today?

Under the PRESENT section in The Biography Timeliner, Question 11.193 asks ‘What would I like to say to the American President?’

Because of the change of power currently happening in one of the world’s major countries, your opinion will be valuable, insightful, and maybe even entertaining to your future generations. Or even to yourself in a decade’s time.

As we look back on our ancestor’s history and all the events which took place during their time on Earth, wouldn’t we just love to know what they personally thought about the nomination of Tyler, Nixon and/or both Bush’s. Their views may have astounded you, being not what you would have thought at all. Or maybe they’re weren’t in the least bit interested who ran the country. Or, perhaps your grandmother and grandfather completely disagreed with each other politically?

What if they used dialogue in their documentation? You’d be amazed at their dialect and delivery, as much as your future generations will be amazed by yours.

The Present Day Section in the Timeliner covers a huge expanse, and it’s, well, great to just sit back and say it like you see it.

Have fun filling in all the gaps behind those future history headlines.

And take note of this wonderful African Proverb: 'Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.'