Who's More Interested in Writing their Memoir? Men? or Women?

A slow dawning …. the more I listen to people, the more it seems like ‘MEN’ are more interested in writing their life stories, than women. I’m not drawing any huge marketing conclusions from this just yet:
Perhaps men want to be heard ‘loud and clear’,
or they need analysis of their life and the world,
or they want to share their ideas,
or they want to speak without interruption,
or they’ve got a lot bottled up inside,
or they desire respect and worthiness for their life performances,
or perhaps men simply want to honour, preserve, and boost the survival of their species during these muddling relationship times?
It’s no a true science who writes memoirs more – men or women - but the rising sun’s beginning to shed some light on the answer. I know my husband’s anxious to tell his combat stories, and voice his opinions in writing about current events for his future generations.
It might be time to reconsider my target markets. Hm …