Why are People Writing their Stories?

We write to solve mysteries
There comes a time in most people’s lives when they grow curious about things like family origins, community, country. “Why was my brother so unhappy?” “Why did we take our war effort into Angola?” “When did I stop caring about school?”

We write to discover who our ancestors really were
As we start digging into our ancestors’ lives we could find hidden treasure, like important life lessons, or fabulous talents that run through our gene pool. We may be an inventor, or a natural singer, but we’ve never explored it.

We write to gain perspective
Many of us float around close to Earth’s surface, lured by the same temptations, seeking the same pleasures, fearing the same bogeymen. As we write and fire up our air balloon to rise higher, higher, we start viewing the world from different perspectives.

We write to master self-understanding
Before we set out on our quest for happiness we need to first understand 1) the nature of our ego 2) the basis of our judgment and 3) the origin of our fear. Only then can we master Self-Understanding, a vital quality which, in itself, will put a twinkle in our eye and a smile on our face. 

We write to connect
We think that the more we reveal about ourselves, the more disconnected we’d become from others; that others will judge us, or worse – be turned off. It’s often quite the contrary. People connect more to an ‘authentic’ person because they believe that person will embrace their authenticity as well.

We write to control our behaviour
As we put the pieces of our story into words we begin to discover the origin of our behaviour and we may even learn to control it through the messiness of life.

We write to empower ourselves
Our story gives us the opportunity to challenge our readers, our talents, the social order, to experiment with language and ideas, to think limitlessly, to confess, to role-play, to eat dirt, to brag, to gamble, to poke fun at, to create. So plug in and turn on your power.

We write to form scars over our open wounds
Writing helps us heal as we flush out malignant thoughts, quieten chatter, and lubricate our consciousness.

We write to honour others
Writing reveals the hero within us and others, and, as we elevate ourselves to higher ground we create a treasury of gratitude towards all the characters who played, and still do play a role in our life’s journey.

We write to leave a legacy
We write to tell the world about our time on earth, and what exactly we felt and feel about everything.

We write because we matter!
The Rich and Famous aren’t the only ones who deserve to have their biographies written. We all deserve to. Because we ALL matter.So get going on your journey to uncover, discover, recover, and rejoice! Take a huge breath and step out onto center stage as you get your memory, creative juices, and typing fingers moving.

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