Write a Love Letter to Mom for Mother's Day

Write a Love Letter to your Mom

Love Letters speak volumes. They can accompany a gift, or they can simply be given quite randomly, for 'love's' sake. A letter creates a wonderful platform where you can express your deepest emotions, and the good news is - the words you write are timeless.  Don’t hold back when you write a love letter to your mom for Mother’s Day; simply write how you talk.  


The Letter

Go through the stages of your life, working chronologically, to help you tell the story of your incredible journey together.

  1. Your childhood: Describe memories of your mother when you were a child; her care, her comfort, her guidance, etc. 
  2. Your teenage years: Write about any challenges you may have faced (try some humour here) and thank your mother for her support.
  3. Your young adult years: Express your appreciation for your mother’s help as you studied, travelled, started your own home and family, etc.  
  4. The present day: Describe what your mother means to you now as you face the world going forward.


Some of the themes you may want to adopt in the letter

  1. Your journey together, as more than just mother/daughter or son.
  2. Reasons why your mom is your hero.
  3. How your mother is a gift to all those around her.
  4. How your mother strengthens the ‘family’.
  5. What life would have been like up to this point without your mother.
  6. How your mother’s love is unconditional.
  7. How your mom is a shining star in your family tree.


Flower Colour Symbolism

If you give your mother flowers for Mother’s Day, then it may be nice to choose, and describe, a colour which has a symbolic meaning, for example:

  • Red symbolizes courage and passion
  • Pink, which softens red’s intensity, is thoughtful and gentle as it calms and reassures us.
  • Orange is the colour of creativity, optimism, and determination.
  • Yellow relates to new ideas, cheerfulness, and fun.
  • Blue reflects trust and reliability as it promotes physical and mental health.
  • Green is a relaxing colour which signifies growth, renewal, and rebirth.
  • Purple embodies spirituality that both enlightens and grounds us.


On a Spiritual Note ...

If your belief supports reincarnation, write about how you and your mother might be kindred spirits or soul mates, how you believe you have been together for more than one lifetime, as mother and child, or reversed roles, and how souls choose to incarnate together again in order to advance in wisdom during their ‘earthly’ lives.


An Acrostic Verse is a wonderful way to end your letter. For example, if your mother’s name is Beth:

Beautiful, bold, brave
Talented, trusting
Helpful, humorous, heart filled with love.

Alone a child runs fast, with a mother– slow; but together they go far. (African proverb)