Write a Love Letter to your Child this Christmas


Love Letters tell all. They can accompany a birthday gift, a graduation gift, or they can simply be given quite randomly, for 'love's' sake. A letter creates a wonderful platform where you can express your deepest emotions, and the good news is - the words you write remain engraved in the history of time.  


The Letter

Go through the stages of your child's life: Working chronologically will help you to tell a story of your journey together.

  1. The pregnancy and his/her birth
  2. His/her infant years - Write about their milestones.
  3. His/her childhood - Describe how she grew, and how you were feeling about motherhood or fatherhood.
  4. His/her teenage years - Write about any challenges (use some humour here). Thank them.
  5. His/her young adult years - Describe the joys you feel about their new beginnings with his/her marriage/children etc.
  6. The present day - Write about how you are now facing life's journey together and what that means to you.
  7. Thank them.

Some of the themes you may want to adopt in the letter

  1. Your journey together
  2. She/he is your hero
  3. She/he is a shining star in your family tree
  4. She/he is a gift
  5. The strength of family
  6. What life would have been like up to this point without her/him
  7. Everything you have both been through has led you to this moment
  8. Unconditional love

On a Spiritual Note ...

If your belief affirms reincarnation, write about how you and child might be kindred spirits or soul mates, how you believe you have been together for more than one lifetime, as mother/father and child, or reversed roles, and how souls choose to incarnate together again in order to advance in wisdom during their earthly lives. 

An Anagram Poem is a wonderful way to end your letter. For example, to Beth:

B -  beautiful, bold, brave
E -  enduring, effervescent
T -  talented, trusting
H -  helpful, humorous, heart filled with love.

This Christmas, express with spirit of the season with personal, priceless words.


No matter what or how we teach our children, the core of our tutoring is Love. ~ Lesley Marcovich