(Suggested speech time: 3 – 6 minutes)

When you attend a funeral or celebration of life, after listening to people share their feelings about the deceased person, don’t you sometimes think how wonderful it would be to hear a few comforting and inspiring words from the deceased person themselves; how they felt about significant events and people in their lives, and how they would like to be remembered? I have hereby created a personal eulogy template for this purpose.  

You want to be as truthful as possible in your personal eulogy, but be aware that your words will stay with, and can dramatically affect, all those you leave behind. Try to be inclusive, for example - if you are praising one family member, work colleague, or friend, do so, and then say something about the rest of the group collectively. This way no-one feels left out, especially in families when children can feel neglected. My golden rule is ‘write or speak about others as you would like them to write/speak about you’.

Choose a reader for your speech, along with a few back-ups.

Let us begin ...

People do not belong to us in this Earthly Realm; people are magnificent souls who simply choose to share blocks of time with us while they are on their journey through eternity.

Your Personal Eulogy Template - Eulogy means ‘good word’

  1. Greeting and Gratitude 
    Welcome all those present at your funeral/celebration of life, as well as those who may have not been able to attend, and express your gratitude for having had everyone you knew in your life.
  2. Who am I?    
    Briefly describe who you are (this says a lot about what matters to you in life) e.g. I am - a mother, a social worker, artist, etc.
  3. Personal Stories about myself and my emotions behind them
    Tell a few meaningful and amusing stories about your childhood, adult life, achievements, etc.
  4. What did certain people in your life teach you? 
    Describe the things you learned from others, for day-to-day living, and perhaps also for your life’s mission.
  5. How would I like to be remembered?   
    Describe how you hope that your life’s work will be maintained.
  6. Where am I going?
    If you believe in heaven/life hereafter, describe your feelings about where you are going, and who you hope to meet there.
  7. Where will I continue to be around, in spirit?
    Where do you feel that people will be able to connect with you, for example - in songs, in church, in nature, by the ocean, etc.?
  8. Thank you again
    Wish everyone health and happiness.
  9. A poem/quote/blessing
    Describe what a favourite poem, quote, or blessing means to you and then recite it.

Leaving your thoughts and feelings after you pass on, is a priceless gift, which offers us a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge, praise, and pay tribute to everyone who played a role in our lives.